„Exhibition without troubles” – that is full service, expertise, high quality, client-oriented business policy, preparedness, flexibility and accuracy. That is all Kiáll Ltd. and many more to suit our customers’ special and always changing demands. Kiáll Ltd. exists in its present form since 1991. Next to exhibition stand construction, our company has fulfilled many other assignments since that time on, just as different exhibitions in museums, interior design and portal constructions. For us every order is a new challenge we have to be up to on the highest level that possible from the designing to the fulfilment of a job. Starting from the rough sketches, we prepare the architectural, electric and graphic plans with 3D perspectives if requested and when the plans are approved, the construction begins.

Altough Kiáll Ltd. is first of all the specialist of customised booths, we can build stands from installation system as well or even provide the advantageous combination of the two methods. Furthermore, if our customers decide to attend an exhibition with a two-storied stand, it is not a problem for us either. When a booth is built up, we decorate it with flowers and different graphic solutions according to our customers’ wish. All furniture and kitchen equipment necessary for the stand can be rented from our warehouse. For the time of the exhibition we secure the operation of the stand. To be able to do that – if it is requested – we are on our customers’ disposal with day-time duty. Our full service includes all administration, authorization and acquisition of official documents.

Kiáll Ltd. regularly participates in different tenders invited by museums. Accordingly many noted and successful exhibitions were constructed by our team. In the near future, we would like to make further progress in this field as well. For the sake of a successful and fruitful exhibition, we are always available for our customers with our experience and proficiency. Our well-qualified, accomplished team with excellent problem-solving skills – designers, interior designers, graphic artists, decorators, carpenters, locksmiths and electri- cians – performs a professional and high standard job. To be able to do that, we own workshops and warehouses on 2000 sqm altogether and the transportation we carry out with our own trucks. We effect orders in Hungary and on abroad as well, so –to the four winds– from Moscow to Barce-lona and from Copenhagen to Athen, we have alre-ady left our fingerprint in many countries of Europe.
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